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I just finished my sixth marathon and my fourth California International Marathon. This was by far the best marathon experience I have ever had. Not only was I able to PR by 13 minutes (which I didn't think was possible), but I qualified for Boston! I wish I could take all the credit for this, but I can't. Coach Sarah was able to put together a marathon training program specifically tailored to me. I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed the variety/intensity in the training plan, as well as her easy accessibility to all my questions (and occasional freak-outs)! Coach Sarah also guided me on hydration and nutritional requirements needed during the marathon, which enabled me to finish the last 10K faster than the first, which has never happened for me before. Her knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Jenny Winger

Thanks so much for guiding me through Ironman Florida. I would not have been able to do the race without your planning and guidance.

In preparation for Ironman, I suffered a DNF at Auburn (bike mechanical) and switched jobs twice. To make a long story short, it was a very challenging year. Your understanding and guidance along with workout planning allowed me to adapt the training schedule to those life changes and still to finish Ironman with a smile on my face. I think that working one on one with your during Ironman training allowed me to get the best out of the limited time I have to train. You were also able to customize my training schedule to fit my hectic job schedule.

All in all, thank you so much. I look forward to eating massive amounts of food during the holiday season, but also to start training again for the 2010 season with you.

Rob Cockrum